Sunday, December 6, 2009

resolve invalid java objects

Follow the action plan given below and update the status name, text from user_errors where type = 'JAVA CLASS&';

The output for the ORA-29521 should be in the form of ORA-29521: referenced name
';oracle/apps//...'; could not found.

2.With the value of in the above message, go to the
$_TOP/java/make/jar.dep file and search for the referenced name .
The file is separated into sections for each jar file and the classes (names) it contains.

3.Once you find the name of the jar file where the class is contained ,Source the environmental
file that is present in

4.Go to the $_TOP/java/jar/ and load it to the database via loadjava.  The syntax
for ';loadjava'; is as follows:

loadjava -user apps/ -r .jar

5.Execute the same action plan and check whether invalids is getting reduced by executing the
following query

Select count(1),owner,object_type from dba_objects where status=';INVALID'; group by

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