Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Responsibilities do not showup for any user.

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Let me introduce myself, I am Sharat Manikonda, working for oracle corp. as Applications engineer and have an exp of 5+ in oracle itself.

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What should we do when Responsibilities does not show up for any user ?

The below scenario will help you to resolve the issue.

Case1: Responsibilities are not showing up after reactivating user accounts by removing the termination end date.

1. Make sure that the latest ATG_RUP patch has been applied.
2. Run Concurrent Program System: Administrator Responsibility->Request->'Synchronize WF LOCAL tables'
3. Run Concurrent Program: 'Workflow Directory Services User/Role Validation'.
4. Restart the Workflow Agent Listeners: WF_DEFERRED and WF_JAVA_DEFERRED

The correct way to do this is:

Run Concurrent Program: Workflow Directory Services User/Role Validation twice
fist time with the parameters 10000,Y,N,N
second time with the parameters 10000,N,Y,N

clear browser cache or test in an alternate browser

check for 'Synchronize WF LOCAL tables' request, and remove scheduling this CM request from the requests.

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Thats a really good post ... thanks Sharat .